From the Origin of the Universe to Contemporary Man

Pornocracy by Félicien Rops

Science is the sum of its hypotheses.

However, human knowledge has become unmanageably vast. All that remains is the scientific specialist who “knows more and more about less and less”. Perspective is lost. Darwin had an idea that unites the two most disparate features of our universe: the world of meaningless matter in Brownian motion on the one side and the world of meaning, purpose and design on the other. This idea of evolution excluded human history. A chronological record of historical events shows that there is progress but the sense of the evolution is not evident. The question is, considering the wealth of scientific information presently available, is it possible to draw up a coherent, if schematic, view of evolution, encompassing the whole phenomenon?


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The Achievements and the Days Book I. from the Origin to the Hominids
The Achievements and the Days Book II. from Tribes to Empires
The Achievements and the Days Book IIIa. the Christian Enigma
The Achievements and the Days Book IIIb. the improbable Rise of the Free Man

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