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Roland F. Maes

Roland Maes was born in 1935 in Belgium. After acquiring a degree in zoology at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), he studied virology at the Max Planck Institute for Virus Research (Tübingen, Germany) and at the Wistar Institute of Anatomy (Philadelphia, USA). He worked during a year at St Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, always in virology and thereafter was during four years Research Officer for the Pan American Health Organization, stationed near Rio de Janeiro, where he worked on hoof and mouth disease and interferon. He moved thereafter shortly to Brussels (European Headquarters of Travenol) and then to Strasbourg, where he was active at the Richardson-Merrel Research institute. He resolved to create his own company in Strasbourg, working mainly on the development of diagnostic tools for tuberculosis and on alternative medicine. This occupation put him in close contact with developing countries of the Asian and African continent.

R. Maes is the author of numerous scientific publications.

He contributed a chapter in:

“Methods in Virology”, vol II (Maramorosch and Koprowski, eds) Academic press, New York : Lin and R. Maes : Methods of degrading nucleic acids and separating the components pages 547-606, 1967.

“Faut-il avoir peur des vaccinations?” Sylvie Simon, eds. Déjà. 2000, 60, rue de la Colonie, Paris 75013.: R.Maes : BCG, l’inefficacité du vaccin. Chapitre IV pp. 130-138.

He published:

“La Santé au Naturel.”, R. Maes et Dominique Maes; Eds. de Paris, 2003

“La France malade de sa Médecine.”, R. Maes; Eds. de Paris, 2005.

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