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Thank you for stopping at this site. The subject matter is ”where do we come from and where are we going to?”. From the picture (by F. Rops), it well seems that a pig leads us blinded to nowhere! I personnally do not think so and expose my views in this essay.

 ”The Achievements and the Days” is a long essay (all in all over 900 pages) about evolution. It is divided into 4 e-books of which the first exposes evolution and the last three are about human history. This is, according to the reviewer Richard Carp , an audacious attempt. The reviewer pointed out that this essay raises contentious concepts. To defend my point, I have endeavoured to be meticulous and sceptical . I also wrote each chapter as a whole, complete by itself, and hope you liked this approach.  

It well seems that only a monster may allow himself the luxury to attempt to see things as they are, and not as the collectivity wants to see them. I do not expect consensus and some scientific, ethnic, religious and national groups may resent and strongly object to some of the analyses I effectuate.

If you, however, are not reluctant to associate with monstrosity and appreciate this essay, please say so by giving it the marks you think appropriate, as proposed by the distributor ( But do so only after you have read the essay, not before or after you  got only a glimpse at it!

Feel free to comment on it, and I would appreciate if you propagate the good news of its availability! This is necessary, considering the intense competition for attention. A 900 + -pages long essay exposing evolution down to contemporary man cannot compete with a 5000 words long pornographic novel distributed free of charge. Expose to your friends and colleagues the interest of this essay that interprets the past and, on this basis,  shows what we should under no circumstance allow in the future, yet are heading full speed towards.

Insist by them that the four e-books are priced in a democratic way, allowing anyone who is interested to acquire them, with the possibility to scan through 20% of each of them to verify that they really hold their promise.

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