17. The French Cultural exception

17.4 Archaic Administration and Deductive Logic

Unique among modern states, revolutionary France reverted to an archaic administrative model similar to that practiced by the Chinese Old High Culture. Several schools were founded, whose vocation it was to educate the civil servant. These schools are still functioning. Acceptance is based on the mathematical skills of the postulants. Teaching is formal and deductive processes are the rule. The blackboard is there to develop the mathematical and physical theories the students must learn. The question is, above all, to draw the logical consequences of fundamental theorems taken as granted starting points. Admitted a given axiom, one operates the logical deductions that lead to the discovery of the hidden truth. The truth comes from above, is already buried in the premises.

Drilled in elementary logic, students and teachers alike view the world through a rigid polarizing filter whose structure warrants a picture of people, things, objects and events that are clear, obvious and perfectly integrated. The product of this teaching creates a corps of civil servants wrapped in their certitudes, to whom are attributed for their lifetime the prerogatives and privileges of an elite destined to govern their fellow Frenchmen, and soon the Europeans. Having been imprinted at school with their masters’ babbles like unhatched chicken are imprinted with the hen’s cackles, they accept during their adult life as an immutable evidence of the existence of the Nation, of the Republican Ideal, of Authority, of integrity of borders, of the Nation’s sacred Independence, of their own sagacity, etc. These unquestioned premises, not necessarily all dishonorable when kept within reasonable limits, are developed to their utmost dreadful logical consequences. These are the bases on which the French elite relies to zealously regulate, administer, control, teach, investigate and govern. Civil servants constitute more than a third of the working population and compose the immense majority of the political elite. Their numbers continue to steadily increase, up till today. A demented taxation system channels the wealth of the country toward their sustenance.

The great ideological murderers of modern times are mostly pure products of the French educational system. First in line are the French revolutionaries themselves, who once ruled openly by Terror (1793-1794). No other modern regime on earth, and only a few of the former tyrannies as the Assyrians, Mayas and Aztecs, brags about a regime of Terror and unashamedly finds a thousand excuses to justify it. France celebrates a day of ignominy, the 14th of July, as its national day. One of the most destructive criminals of all times, Napoleon, is revered as a hero. The atrocious deeds committed during the Algerian war, steadfastly denied to be a war and presented as “pacification”, explain the present-day Algerian integrist butchers. We also have Chou En Lai in China, Ho Chi Min in Vietnam, Pol Pot in Cambodia, Papa Doc in Haiti, the murderers of the Tutsi in Rwanda, who all studied in France or else underwent a French education. Admittedly, not all modern tyrants received a French education.

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