17. The French Cultural exception

17.7 Contemporary France

About 170 years ago, the French novelist Balzac remarked (Le père Goriot,(Father Goriot) 1834): “If the proud aristocracies of all the European capitals refuse to admit in their ranks an infamous millionaire, Paris extends its arms, runs to his feasts, eats at his table and drinks with his infamy“. Lucidity forbids pretending that times have changed.

The constitution of the 5th Republic was elaborated to favor not the aspirations and hopes for a better life of the citizens but to favor the accomplishment of the destiny of France as, in his mind, had imagined it its founder Charles de Gaulle (fig 17.11). The same is true for Hitler, the founder of the third Reich (fig. 17.12). Both were profoundly marked by the humiliations their countries suffered during WW I.

Figure 17.11. (left) Captain C. de Gaulle prisoner at the fortress of Ingolstadt, in 1917. Figure 17.12. (right) Corporal A. Hitler with friends, during WWI. Hitler sits on the right. The dog is his. Dogs were in great demand to catch rats but the French soldiers ate the dogs and therewith let rats, and the lice these carried, proliferate.

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The fifth Republic is coincident with the loss of the resources of the Empire, resources that a people prepared neither to social solidarity nor to a constructive effort refuses to generate with an abundant productive work freely consented, which an avid elite anyhow appropriates. The citizens of this country are despoiled by their elites, whom media leaders refuse to expose and prosecute. In contemporary France, there are more people who live from taxes than there are people who pay them. Despising heartily private initiative and showing it ostensibly, the administration of the country controls and imposes the maintenance of acquired advantages, and lends support only to those enterprises and research organisms that are bound to the State. All is done to discourage competition with them, and ruin those private challengers that appear successful. This is realized easily by controls, rules and regulations, cabals mounted by civil servants who are active in industry, research or education, inspections, exigencies, formularies and reports that are endured solely by well established and financially well endowed societies.

The various political powers that emerged from Christendom blended with the Christian monism the cultural values they possessed before their exposure to the Christian faith. The political leadership of the primitive Franks was immune to this monism and callously favoured matter over mind. Its adhesion to the Roman Catholic Faith was motivated solely by political and military considerations and cynicism remained the hallmark of the gluttonous Frankish leadership, throughout the centuries. The mentality of the contemporary French State is fundamentally at odds with the spirituality that governed the development of the other countries composing Christian Europe. The populations at large do not perceive this fundamental alienation: hideous acts governed by stupidity, arrogance or callous greed are presented by the French elites as contributions to civilization and are usually readily accepted by credulous populations as such. Tremendous harm can, by these falsifications, be inflicted to the whole of the world population and still be presented –and accepted- as a significant contribution to their well being. To illustrate this succinctly, I will draw on my own professional information, which I exposed at length in La France malade de sa Médecine (ed. de Paris, 2005).

Pasteur was a plagiarist and thief who unashamedly presented the discoveries of his colleagues as his own, was a falsifier of his own experimental results and was a felon who commercialized a deadly rabies vaccine (G. Geison : The private science of Pasteur, the private life of Pasteur, Princeton University Press, 1995; L. Anderson : Pasteur notebook reveals deception. Science, 1993, 259: 1117). Great Britain refused this vaccine.

The Pasteur Institute developed the BCG vaccine against Tuberculosis. An English statistician showed forthwith that the data advanced as proof of efficacy of the vaccine were false but this proof was ignored. The vaccine was shown in 1950 to favour TB among the vaccinated but this observation remained confidential and the vaccination campaign was pursued. Numerous proofs accumulated thereafter showing not only that the vaccine was inactive but also that it induced tuberculosis and other mycobacterial infections in some populations (R. Maes: the failure of the BCG vaccine. Medical Hypotheses, 1999, 53: 32-39 ). Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany and the US refused the vaccine but not Brazil, which vaccinated an Amazonian tribe in 1990. The result was an epidemic of TB (82% of the vaccinated population). The French counsellors of the puzzled Brazilian Ministry of Health recruited an American scientist, Barry Bloom, to publish in the very serious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (1997, 25; 94 (24) pages 13227-132232) an article entitled : An epidemic of tuberculosis with a high rate of tuberculin anergy among a population previously unexposed to tuberculosis, the Yanomami Indians of the Brazilian Amazon. This article indicts the genetic sensitivity to TB of a virgin population, as apparent in the title of the publication. However, the first confirmed case of TB among the Yanomami was observed in 1965 with more cases appearing in the 1970’ : the population was vaccinated because tuberculosis cases were uncovered among its members, which did not cause an epidemic. The epidemic occurred after the vaccination campaign, and this vaccination proved damageable whether the populations had been with tuberculosis before the campaign, and appeared even more damageable if the campaign was inflicted on a virgin population. The epidemiological proof that the origin of the epidemic was the vaccine is irrecusable.

The BCG continued to be distributed throughout the African, Asian and South American continents, and substantial parts of the European continent. It was abandoned in France only in 2007. The silence on the malfeasance of the vaccine was all the more understandable because TB and AIDS go hand in hand : infection with one microbe (Mycobacterium tuberculosis and M. avium) favours the development of the other (HIV) in the same patient.

The Pasteur Institute developed in the 1970’ a vaccine against hepatitis B, distributed by the Sanofi. The vaccine (Genhevax) started its career in 1981. More than 26 million Frenchmen had been vaccinated by 1998, when the Minister of Health B. Kouchner stopped the vaccination campaigns in high schools because the vaccinated complained of muscle pains (due to the high content of the vaccine in aluminium) and developed several collateral ailments, essentially multiple sclerosis. The looming medical reticence these collateral damages fostered was feared because the insatiable Sanofi had purchased Aventis for the extravagant sum of 55 billion Euros, which it cannot reimburse if either a drop in sales of its vaccines and medicines, or else crippling lawsuits, reduce its income. B. Kouchner maintained the vaccination of the newborns, who present the advantages over adults not to complain and to have a weakly developed immune system. Multiple Sclerosis and other pathologies will appear in predisposed babies only several years after their exposure to the deleterious agent. However, vaccinated adults continued to complain. The Ministry of Health decided on 11 September 2003 a pursuit of the obligatory vaccination of the newborns and a monitoring of all the pathological collaterals it induced.

A monitoring soon became available. On 7 November 2003, doctor M.-H Groussac directed a doctoral thesis which divulged that the vaccine did not protect against hepatitis B but induced various pathologies (Multiple Sclerosis, some types of cancer, thyroid pathologies, allergies, herpes and retroviruses, and other) that showed up in 30 months time but could be delayed by as much as 16 years after vaccination. Hernàn confirmed in 2004 that the vaccine increased the risk of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by a factor 3.1 (Hernàn : Neurology (2004), 14, 63(5) : 838-842).

On 9 November 2004, the new minister of Health, Ph. Douste-Blazy, ordered a reunion of experts organized by the French Agency of Health Security, entitled “Vaccination contre le virus de l’hépatite B et sclérose en plaques : état des lieux” which means “Vaccination against the virus of hepatitis B and Multiple Sclerosis: actual situation”. The experts excluded from examination all collateral effects of the vaccine other than MS, rejected the observation on MS made by Hernàn and totally ignored the indicting evidences presented on that reunion by M.-H Groussac. She demonstrated convincingly and brilliantly that the vaccine is selectively immunosuppressive, which has as consequences, depending on the number of the injections and the doses, the apparition of some cancers, of M.S. and other auto-immune and infectious pathologies in predisposed vaccinated subjects. Groussac has since then been ostracized by her professional community and is harassed by the State.

On 24 November 2004, the experts recommended the pursuit of the vaccination of newborns and adults at risk. Two days later, the Minister of Health, doctor Douste-Blazy, the President of the Sanofi, mister Dehecq, and the President of the Republic, mister Chirac, jointly agreed to this. Once the vaccine coverture will be complete, there will remain no possibility anymore to differentiate the secondary effects of the vaccine versus a non-vaccinated population, and the morbidity induced by the vaccine will be assimilated to a natural phenomenon. Since 1994, the number of aged people suffering from chronic ailments has augmented by 73.5% and cost annually now already 47.2 billion euros to the French community.

Douste-Blazy is now heading the UNITAID, a UN organism newly created by himself to provide vaccines to countries in need. The money to this end is obtained by a new tax, devised by Chirac, on all plane tickets delivered in French airports. The president of the Sanofi, Dehecq, is since November 2008 heading the State organism charged to distribute 20 billion Euros to French enterprises in financial need. Corruption and concussion lead in France to promotion, not demotion.

The French society has grown accustomed and is fascinated with the buffoonery of a corrupt state nobility, and tolerates with indulgence the maintenance of the fifth Republic at the level of Banana Republics. Refusing to face reality, fascinated by its heritage of dirigism and kleptomania, the country resists adaptation and demands respect for its cultural exception. Since 1945, the Frenchmen have endured at least 20 money devaluations and the newly elected President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy advocates very seriously, for ‘saving’ Airbus industries, to devaluate the Euro in 2008. The country is built on potent myths, which Frenchmen refuse to question. Any critical analysis is resented as blasphemy. A fanatic schizoidy that takes all the appearances and even the language of the highest morality sustains the rigidity of the positions defended.

It takes much courage to oppose these slaves to a cause. Among all the cases, (as Frederick II conciliating Islam with Christendom, Abelard advocating tolerance for Jews and Pagans, Bacon advising James I to treat Catholics and Protestants with equal respect, Erasmus trying to implement changes in the Church while opposing Luther, Bossuet torn between Gallicanism and the Universality of the Church, Mirabeau between Monarchism and Republic, Teilhard de Chardin between Science and Religion, Gandhi between Nationalism and Universalism, Leibniz seeking to fuse the Roman Catholic and the Reformed Churches, Thoreau pleading civil disobedience, Bartholome de las Casas protecting Amerindians while preaching their conversion), the most pathetic is probably Nietzsche. He was the sole German philosopher of stature who dared take a firm stand against anti-Semitism. Torn between Instinct and Intelligence, ostracized by his colleagues and peers who suddenly discovered that his philosophy and the form under which it was expressed were not fit for teaching his philosophy in respectable universities, he died insane. The conciliatory tasks attempted by these brilliant minds who saw the values embedded in both of two opposed stands were all failures. This proves that obtuseness and arrogance supported by simplistic logic resting on internal coherence of thought, are a formidable opponent and that true intelligence is valiant and not afraid to attempt tasks of conciliation that are all the more beautiful battles since they are almost certainly lost.

The natural outcome of the victory of mediocrity over intelligence is a sterilizing socialist European empire, which is in the process of being built. European legislation progresses in an official sense but nothing really happens. Acts do not lead to action; directives do not direct; regulations exert no form of control, most directives aim at the maintenance of acquired advantages and status quo.

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